DYE LC-FIBER 1500 X 3000 ~ 2500 X 8000MM (5 MODELS) Laser Cutter for sale

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The Dye LC/Fiber laser is based on a proven design featuring build rigidity, reliability and quality components, including quality German made Siemens controllers, world leading IPG Laser Generators and robust Precitec cutting heads. An ideal investment for those that want to maximise productivity and return, whether for jobbing work or large production runs.

The Dye LC/Fiber laser system uses 2D drawings programmed over the flat sheet with a CNC motion control system that moves the focused laser along programmed pathways in order to cut. The laser cutting is performed by utilising the melt and blow method, where the metal is melted then blown through using a jet of gas of choice. This minimises material temperature and hence distortion, decreases power requirements, and also enables the use of different gases (oxygen, nitrogen or compressed air) to be used to provide a variety of cut finishes.

The use of quality fiber from the laser generator to the cutting head, eliminates the use of mirrors and laser gas, and hence the associated cost of continuous mirror alignment and laser gas regeneration that is associated with CO2 machines.

The Dye LC/Fiber laser also produces a much smaller laser spot size, when compared to CO2 lasers, generating around twice as much laser power from the same amount of current. These lasers are therefore ideal for cutting reflective metal materials like aluminium and stainless steel as well as non-ferrous materials like copper and brass.

The laser cutting system uses precision rack and pinion drives providing high speed cutting and high acceleration, low energy consumption, and the reliability that precision laser cutting demands.

The Dye LC/Fiber offers customers the latest in solid state laser cutting technology through usage of the IPG laser generator system that provides precision, speed, versatility and reliability; and with the low maintenance and low operating cost fiber lasers are renowned for.
TitleDYE LC-FIBER 1500 X 3000 ~ 2500 X 8000MM (5 MODELS) Laser Cutter
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